Incompatibility with another application

All right? Hope so.
I have a problem with my KODULAR application, I would like to know if you can help me or create some tool that I can use to solve the situation, which is as follows:
My application uses the component (Location_Sensor) because I need to know the location that the application is being used, just for this, I do not test, much less simulate false location.
It turns out that I’m getting complaints from multiple users, that another application on his cell phone has been locked for use after installing mine, stating that my app simulates fake location.
I noticed that after posting to Google Play, the following permissions related to location appear in the permissions list:

  • android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
  • android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
  • android.permission.ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION
    I believe this last permission (ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION) is causing this.
    Is there any way to remove these last two permissions from MANIFEST? is there any extension that can do this? for me to test and see if I can resolve this incompatibility issue with the other application?


This is strange.

Let me explain how “mock location” works.

It works different based on the android API version if it is 18 and over or under. If it is 18 or over a field called:


Is set to either 0 or 1. 0 being not mock location, 1 being it is a mock location. The reason I mention this detail is because your app needs to be reading that field. It is set in your developer options to allow Mock Location.

Can you check those settings, it is in Developer Options, Allow Mock Locations.

Maybe that was set somehow. It is not set by a Kodular App. it can’t be.

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Thanks for your answer. But I still do not know how to solve the question, I use the component below, I do not know where to change the values “0 being not mock location, 1 being it is a mock location.”


It is not a blocks thing as I said.

To remove this permission from the Manifest use e.g. AppToMarket.
About ACCESS_MOCK_LOCATION see also: Testing Using Mock Locations | Android Developers


Thank you.