Index button and initialize

whats wrong i this block i dont know i created this and i get the value but as well as a also got vibrate and notify of text box 3

While you clicking save or index button you get alert.?

Are you sure the sound is due to text box 3 only? How do you confirm it?

I want that alert when text box is empty at first time when it fill then false the visibility of text box

Yes as per your block, if text box 3 is empty and user clicks save button, it will notify error along with vibration . No issue with that

One suggestion. You have used multiple if blocks instead use if else block for continuous follow up

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But I want this notify only one time when it’s empty after saving to tiny db when screen intialize it dose not notify any more for that what did I do

It will make vibrate whenever user clicks without filling that box. If it is filled mean it won’t make vibration

Yes and only one time after that whenever screen initialise if it filled then the notify does not work lok thtlat

do you have any idea how did i do i am confused pls help

i edited this