Index problem airable database row value

when I call data from airtabe by row and show in label by index 1,2,3
but I see index 2 is working as 1st index.
is it my bloc error or not?

Make sure in the designer part your label too is in this order

i am sure labels are orderly placed

I thing it has to do with how data is sorted by airtable I believe. For example you have columns with single line type and column with long text type. If you notice you get data from sinle line colums first (alphabetically sorted - subtitle is sorted before title) and then from long text type column

when i set all colum data type in single line text

now I getting last data frist.

is it problem with my database setting?

Yes because in alphabet mes1>sub1>title1

Simply see how data is received and set index according to your needs


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