Indexof problem when exporting app

Error generating Yail for screen 5763018682007552_Screen1: : Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of undefined. Please fix and try packaging again.

“Please fix it”

Next time please use search :mag:

Unfortunately setting Minimum SDK version doesn’t solve such problem.

It is very frustrating that the importer cannot set default values for the properties, which are empty and required.
Moreover the builder shows some cryptic complaints which are too vague for an ordinary user.

@dora_paz please help me the problem still exists after checking the properties.

Error generating Yail for screen 4790727911407616_Screen1: : undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘a.indexOf’). Please fix and try packaging again. :sob:

Post or pm me your aia to check it

JAM I m doing PM. :innocent:

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@dora_paz tried multiple times uploading aia file but this site isn’t allowing me

But screenshot got successfully uploaded. :frowning: problem on problem.

Upload it to google drive, make it shareable and give link

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@dora_paz did message u

Compiles with no problem, but I noticed that your firebase’s location in not US-central and this is giving error Error from Companion: For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features! In oerder to avoid it create a new project and set location to us-central

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