Indian Railways Enquiry

What is the name of your app?
Indian Railways Enquiry

Describe your app: Get Your Pnr Status,Reserved Train Between Stations,Fare Enquiry ,Seat Availability, Reserved Train Schedule Train Running Current Status On Your Android Mobile .


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Indian (2).apk (7.2 MB)

I have not so creativity so please tell me how can I make UI more awesome and tell me about all bugs

Which site API you used ?

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You app is not approved for policies violation and remove ads which you are shown in webviever you should know that you can’t show Ads which is not your content.

What an great app that redirects to government website and you show ads on that.
If user is offline app suddenly close.

He use government website and just open page for pnr and other things.
@Peter please see this and take action is he doesn’t remove ads

How can I remove ads

Dear @ShaikhSajidAli don’t be so rude and at least read the complete post… :smiley:

He is new in app development, and definetly he was unaware of the facts of policies violation. You are 100% right he should not use ads on his app, if he is using 3rd party website.

So instead of calling @Peter or any other kodular staffs to take action, you can inform @Kushagra about all these downside of his app and help him in creating & learning app development. As Kodular welcomes every developer new/old, small/big. Please don’t take me wrong. You are also a developer so respect others too…

Also @Kushagra i hope you understand that you can’t use 3rd party website without there permission and also as a developer you should determine and check resources before inserting into your apps. Kodular have a huge no of developers, who are always here to help each other so if you have any query feel free to ask.

Your UI is good just keep improving it .


I have a doubt
I saw to apps on play store with the same website using with adds why those two apps are not banned and one of the app is the most used app - Where is my train

And that ads are not mine it’s of government

Dear @Kushagra read as publisher policy and Google play policy before doing that,

What doing that

Where is my train doesn’t showcase website, they use APIs for getting information

But what about it’s sections of pnr and seat availability

New Update Available
Version 1.0.1
Update specifications
1.splash screen added
2. Minor bug fixes

Apk download
Indian (4).apk (7.2 MB)

New Update Coming Soon
features dark mode and ad system
some bug fixes