Infinity reload page

Hi erveryone
I’m coming here to try to have help from the community.
I make a simple application and on companion app there’s nothing wrong.
When i build my app i have an infitiny reloading page every 3 seconds …
how can i avoid this ?
Is it just a bug from kodular or is it a bug in my app ?
Thanks to everyone who read this.

Welcome to community. In case you use a clock component don’t forget to set it to false when clock timer

I did it but the page still reloading

Post a screenshot of your blocks or a test aia that shows the problem in order to get help

this is my .aia file
If you have a solution please help me, cause i don’t know what to do …
GenerateurMDP.aia (11.8 KB)

GenerateurMDP_1.aia (11.9 KB)


can you explain why you use the close screen ?

This is the proper way to switch between screens in order to avoid memory issues. Was your problem solved?

yeah, thanks a lot :grinning:

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