Initialize x Got Received Share

When an app starts and has the “When Screen1.Got Received Shared” function in the blocks, the app always checks if it is receiving files of the type selected in “Receive Shared Files”, ok?

So, is it possible to use the “When Screen1.Got Received Shared” function as if it were “When Screen1.Initialize”, as in the example below?


After handling the file, the app performs the functions that would be in Initialize …

I ask this because I realized that when receiving shared files, they are not treated BEFORE the Screen1.initialize, and I need that to happen.

Is this the right way?

Use this blocks

Thanks for your answer.

I did it the way I wrote it, and it’s working.

But I was curious to know what you meant, telling me to use the “equal” block

But, can you not execute the routines after receiving the files?

  • receive files
  • handle files
  • call procedures

Yes. I do it. Thanks

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Please , Expose your solution, so you can help those who will need it. :+1:

The solution was according to the first image that i posted above.

I used “When Received Share” as if it were “initialization”.

In this way, when the “value” returns empty, it does the normal initialization.

When the “value” has information about any file received, it treats the file and then proceeds with the initialization procedures.


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