Insert image and product in ListView when ordering

Hello my dears !
Today I come to request a help regarding the explained below:

I have a delivery that has an administrator where I receive the orders. This Administrator has a screen where all orders appear within a summary List View1.
Let’s say I have 2 orders received, each containing only 1 product. By clicking on one of them, a label named (Customer_Order) receives all data from this order. When you return and click on the other order, then this same label will show all data from the other order. This data also involves the product image. So I wanted to modify it like this:
I created a ListView2, and excludes the Label (CUSTOMER REQUEST) that would receive the Product. Now ListView2 will receive the product data. So I modified the first block below and disabled the Label (CUSTOMER_REQUEST), and inserted a procedure (FILL LISTVIEW2).
By using the procedure below. It worked in part, the image appears, but all requests! But when I return and click on the second product, then if there were 2 items in the 2-order listview2 that were wrongly launched, because it would only be 1, now they have 4, and so on.
So I need 2 repairs:
1- Listview2 shows only the order that was clicked on listview1, and in this case if there is only 1 item, it will show 1 image and its title.
2- When you return and click on another product or even the same item, listView2 does not create duplicate products.
I hope I have explained as best I can.
Thanks if I get a response.