Insta Follow Pro : Boost Your Followers & Likes

Hey guys I have created this app in kodular aand it is amazing you can take a look at this app and also I have published this app on google play without any problems so app does not have any copyrighted contents you can use this app to boost your instagram followers and likes try this app now and leave your review about the app Thanks

Note :

All images used in the app or in its screenshots are not copyrighted and are available to use with or without modification

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Check out this app guys

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Yeah your app passes google play review because it isn’t harmful.

But In my opinion: Getting few followers who know you is really awesome than getting hundreds and thousands of followers who don’t even know you.

Just saying!


Think that if you are celebrity and do you know everyone who follows you ? This app is provides hashtags on interests if your posts are amazing then those hashtags will help your post to reach to interested people of their particular segment and those people will like your post or start following you :relaxed::relaxed:

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But the people who follow know who I am… Right !

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yes and also if people like your profile they will follow you

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Nice UI! Really liked home screen of your app.

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Thanks share a review on google play