Insta Story Saver Open Source App Build Succesfully


(Surendra Parihar) #1

hey guys i make insta story saver app in thunk but you can make it here.
from now i create all my new project in makeroid so keep supporting for more aia.
also i make some more aia so visit my channel Parihar Tricks

insta_Story_Saver.aia (234.3 KB)

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(Arda Çebi) #4

@Surendra_Parihar Does this app work with Makeroid?

(Arda Çebi) #5

Here is the .aia file:

insta_Story_Saver.aia (234.3 KB)

(Surendra Parihar) #6

its not work with makeroid but if you remove floationg action button and export aia then it work with makeroid.
but after that you need to add floating action button and their blocks again.

Yes I know this aia not work with makeroid but if you want then open it in thunk and check block how it work then u can make it here.

(Pablo Almeida) #7

Very nice. Congratulations man!

(Mouhurtik Ray) #8

App not working showing runtime error

(Gsami Candel ) #9

Bro where is the Aia ?

(Gsami Candel ) #10

Aia is not opening !

(Robert Crum) #11

AIA is a source file, not an executable script. Upload it to creator at “IMPORT PROJECT” button.

(Gsami Candel ) #12

If not exporting how can I import? Here is th error

(Boban Stojmenovic) #13