Instagram downloader App (Beta)

What is the name of your app?

  • Instagram Downloader

Describe your app:

  • this is a simple and easy 3 step instagram image or video downloading app. you can login to this app and download any image or video from this app. Multiple instagram post download will not work this time. only single file download.



App Download link:

Instagram_Downloader.apk (6.5 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

will be available to my youtube subscribers only, if you want to make this type of app then follow me YouTube and press the bell icon to get notified for the future videos. i will upload aia file for this app with tutorial soon on youtube


I’m wondering if we went from the App Store trend to the Instagram Downloader trend :joy: @Diego should make a Category named Trending, Trends, or Trend. Looks good though, keep up the good work :+1:

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I think we have enough already :roll_eyes:


You’re right, 28 is enough


I checked, no such video found on your channel. Given demo file also gives error.