Installling login template

I am new to Kodular. I downloaded an .aia file for a sample login page. I changed it to a .zip file and expanded it. I find the BKY, SCM and other needed files, but I can not find out how to install or download them into the app I am building. Thanks for any help

src / io / kodular / name and extract scm & bky files.
and copy same directory in your project

Thanks for your reply. Where do I paste the files to get them into my project.

Thanks for your help, I finally saw the import button on my project page.

The very easy idea for importing something from an .aia is:

  • import .aia to creator
  • open the desired screen
  • export the screen
  • open your another project
  • import screen

No Need Of Zipping the Project

Follow The Steps To Import the Aia

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