Introducing All-In-One

All-In-One is an extension that provides many factors about the users’ device and more upcoming features. Now I secretly know what you’re thinking… What does this do? Well, it does most of the things that :kodular: has but, no other builder, trust me the 72 errors I went through trying to add other features no builder had was a struggle :joy:. I will only explain features that no other builder has, some features like Product, and Manufacturer, :kodular: has so you should know these… They were only basics, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The GetDeviceTimeZone: Outputs the devices set TimeZone which was set by the user when he/she got the device.

The GetPhoneNumber: Outputs the users’ phone number from their carrier sim and device to verify. This was tested and works fine… This can be used for needing to verify a user and that user entering a fake number which sometimes proves that user is fake.
If you use the GetPhoneNumber block, please show a dialog alerting the user that his/her phone number is being collected forward on.

The GetDeviceType: Outputs whether the device is Mobile or Tablet.

The GetDeviceOS: Outputs the devices OS.

If any bugs occur please report them here. More features will be coming in a future release.


thank you for your contribution
however there are already some extensions, which offer these information…
you can find these extensions in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

btw. you might want to mention, that to get the phone number is no guaranteed solution… see also App Inventor Extensions: Telephony Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Note : This is no guaranteed solution, because the phone number is not physically stored on all SIM-cards, or broadcasted from the network to the phone. This is especially true in some countries which requires physical address verification, with number assignment only happening afterwards. As workaround you always can use this solution.



Hmmhmm, you’re very welcome :bowing_man:

I already knew that (NOT)

Then why would there be a point to see your extension? I understand your made one with this exact thing but, what’s the difference.


Update incoming!

What’s New:

• New call AllInOne.GetDeviceOSVersion block - Returns valid OS Version
• New call AllInOne.GetDeviceModel block - Returns valid Device Model
• Removed call AllInOne.GetDeviceType - Didn’t work correctly, working on a NEW upgrade

Expected in next update

• Removed call AllInOne.GetDeviceType SHOULD work properly
• Some awesome new blocks SURELY will be coming
call AllInOne.GetDeviceOS is also not working properly, returns Android every time. (See below)


ml.meteorcoder.allinone.aix (6.3 KB)

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what we really ,mean is a option to check if the user use an emulator, I think a emulator have and device id phone number i dont want it same with eami bc xou have to made more policy about that and user can get scaary if the know you have their email. I made a app for crypto and ypu read much about imai catching or number catching. They get scary bc you can log in in their exchange account if you have a phone number and you know which exchange and user account. And a emulatorhave all gthis opion if you want. So a option to check for an emulatgor. I would love to see that and i think other people too. But really good work this have to be said

Why are you dragging me into this when @Taifun was the like first to include getting a Phone Number in his extension. I thought I was the first but, I wasn’t. I understand you’d like support for emulators and I’ll see what I can do.

Note to Users of All In One:

Last night I factory reset my Computer over Minecraft Windows 10 not working properly :joy: (The lag with a Custom Skin is real) I didn’t worry about backing up All In One as appose to me backing up other files to Google Drive knowing now I cannot trust my Flash Drive. I’ll be rebuilding it from the start, it’ll require less libraries and some above bug fixes.

Sorry for that, i mean it would be nice to have a possibility to check if the app user is a emulator or not bc so you can check that your user are real devices and no emulator which you can code to spam a app sign up and so on if you know what i mean.

did you tried to restore with apps i restorerf usb sticks as well

It’s Minecraft… It’s like Chrome. Which is why I switched to Firefox now thinking it was because of that lol.

Yes they can, however it’s the App Developers job to prevent that from happening. Like I can’t code a whole extension to create your whole app in one .aix file.

thanks for you reply, i wanted only know if it is possible to make a Block what does check if you use it , if this app run on a real devie like a phone ar a tab or a tv , or run the app on an Emulator. The Block should only give back true or false, this would help a lot i think and makes it much easier for us dwveloper to check that this is is nt running an a scipt with 1000 of emulators what make a sign up and login with random names and so on. If you use their usernames or imei or device ids you have to be carefully with peoples data, because the DSGvO: If you got hacked and someone steel you data like emai and ophone number and so on you can go intp prison or have to pay for that damage of stolen data. Thast not nice here in austria. you need to pay more for secrurity and so on. People have to know it that yoiu take their data and so on. And i think in my view this is not good for my app and mayhbe for a lot of other developers. Bc this simple block makes a plus on safety in some reasons. I would love to see that in your extension.

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Again I’ll see what I can do.

i think you want something like that ?

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hello, yes this would be a good feature for all of us

Already done for next release! And properly working.

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NICE REALLY REALLY NICE! Good work i think people will love it.

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Your extention link doesn’t work​:neutral_face:

Maybe that’s because I have a newer extension and this extension is not longer getting updates.

Which one?