Introducing Wait (It's not what you think)

(Nathan) #1

We’re going to talk about Wait. The next extension to kill your app, not just Crashable but now Wait.
I know you loved Crashable right Sander.

Now there’s a few bugs, like it freezes your app for the time you specify, ALL FOR FREE (WOAH)!

It’ll kill/freeze your app for 90 seconds, after showing that it’s not responsive after 60 seconds.

When Button1.Click not included and sold separately.

You’re probably wondering why is the block named Die, well the reason is because you kill your app. You’ll love it, I promise :joy: and if you don’t, delete it. Be thankful, IDK why but it took 20 minutes to build.

tk.meteorcoder.wait.aix (1.5 GB)

(Shreyash) #2

Are you kidding me?? :neutral_face:

(Daniel) #3

Yeah, or it’s a bug. I can confirm that it’s not 1.5 GB.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #4

This would serve as to warn the user that if he has a “hack” App, he can malfunction my app …

(Nathan) #5

Does everyone like killing their apps :joy: I know Diego does :blush:

The extension was made as a joke, so was the size.