Invalid Firebase path: Anugrah K.S. Firebase paths must not contain '.','# ','$','[', or ']'

Hey ! I am a beginner and I dont know what to do at this situation. I am posting a photo with this post. I have done all the things mentioned in this community but all were unsuccessful and still the problem persists. Please help me I dont know what to do at this moment.

Your error clearly says

Error message is clear. You are trying to save a tag Anugrah.K.S. that contains . so you can not. Try to use an if … then statement if contains . then replace with _

instead of using name as tag, use

tag - UserName01
value - Anugrah K.S


Bucket - Users
tag- 001
value -Anugrah K S

this will accept

Thanks for your valuable replies i will soon check it out

Can you please explain with blocks

what actually you want?
share us your firebase structure or what you have tried on saving values into fb


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Also, this block will save orderly the users via number under the bucket Users

Tried like this


You can adjust the blocks based on your requirement

blocks (1)
blocks (2)
blocks (3)
blocks (4)
blocks (6)
blocks (7)
blocks (8)
These are my blocks

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