Invalid Firebase path error

I wouldn’t use email as a tag if I was you, as all of your users have an email with a “.” It will break his path to his data nodes.

This is a quick and easy way to sanitize Firebase paths. :slight_smile:

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please can you send your aia files of this block @Kanishka_Developer
because i also see this same error ti simlar with @om_vaswani

please send your aia files of given image @Kanishka_Developer

You can drag the images to your workspace and the blocks will appear
dont need to upload the aia

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You can see this image i am getting this type of message

@Bhavya_Shah1 According to your image I think you are storing device id in firebase and the device id contains dots so the error is causing try replace all text block and replace all dots by empty text

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You can see and tell me what type of error i am facing

hey can you tell me in details because i am not understanding what you are telling with images

As you can see you are using device id as a project bucket try to use these blocks


it will remove all the dots from your device id

where we have to put this block can you tell me

at set firebase project bucket put these blocks there

Is this right or i have to edit it

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yes same like this enter . in segment and keep blank string in replacement

but what we have to write in replace all text block @Sumit1334

You have use the device id at all text

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@Bhavya_Shah1 did @Sumit1334 solve your issue?

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Yes I have solved it in pm


yes boy @Sumit1334 has solve my error

Nice! For reference, anyone else who has this issue and would like to replace multiple characters (not just one) at once, visit this topic.