Invalid traffic in admob: solutions?

Hello everyone!

I make applications and use admob. I do not advertise on social networks, or on websites, or in absolutely anything. All my traffic is organic, in principle.

Every month end I find that 2/3 of my income is taken from me for invalid traffic:

Therefore I ask myself:

  1. Does it happen to all of you to a greater or lesser extent? Has anyone managed to get NOTHING or LITTLE subtraction?

  2. What can I do to avoid getting so much revenue from invalid traffic? I do not understand the reason for stealing so much income, I try to leave my applications according to their policies and they keep taking a large part of my income.

Going from € 136 in benefits to € 54 in real income is not cool at all, so I ask for your help and advice.

Thanks to those who answer.

PS: I’m not sure if the topic should go here, I have tried to post in off topic but it did not allow me to create the topic, if the moderator thinks it is convenient to move it.

To answer the question in a good way, we need to know the ecosystem of your app.

A few questions listed below:

  1. Your app type
  2. Content type
  3. Which platform delivering the most traffic to your app
  4. What’s your country and which country delivering the most traffic to your app
  5. Percentage of returning visitors vs fresh visitors
  6. Ad placement
  7. Ad match rate vs average ad clicks
  8. Country to deliver the most clicks to your app including ad match rate for that particular country

Since the question could not be answered in a single sentence, I tried to understand the average ecosystem of your app with questions listed above.

I have many applications, about 40, and of different types, I will try to answer as best as possible. It is difficult for me to know which applications interfere with my income and which ones do not, considering that they take 70% of my income, I am afraid that many of them have errors that I must solve.

  1. Wallpapers, quizzes.
  2. Images, tests, sounds, recipes.
  3. None, I don’t use social traffic, just organic growth.
  4. My country is Spain and I receive more impressions from Mexico, Brazil and the US. I get more income from the US.
  5. I don’t know how I can check the type of visitors.
  6. Ad placement is highly variable depending on the applications. In general, I believe I comply with google policies. Top or bottom banner with separation space with buttons, out of the scroll area. Interstitials placed every 2 screens or arrangements (like screen’s). Interstitials are NOT limited by time. Should I limit its appearance to 1 per minute?
  7. I don’t know if I understand what you are asking me, I think this is it: in the last month for 170,000 impressions I have 2200 clicks.
  8. Most of the clicks I receive from the United States, Japan, Mexico and Brazil in that order. The coincidence rate I don’t know how to extract it.

Thank you very much @asimjib93 for taking the time to answer me. I have tried to explain everything in as much detail as possible. Any questions and advice are welcome, thank you!

I am not sure if its just coincidence, but last month, I was surprised to have that much of invalid clicks too. My first time so far, around $50, normally its just $2-$3. My primary audience is Brazil and US. Fortunately this month, invalid click goes down to $21.

Yes but usually only 1-5% is only deducted (even though traffic is valid imo)

Maybe you can try migrating and experimenting with Facebook ads (their rates are pretty good too). It worked well for my apps however for web traffic one has no choice better than adsense.

It is something that happens to me constantly, so I must have errors in my applications. I’m looking to solve what I think I should fix, to see if I notice any difference in my income at the end of the month.

My deduction it’s too big… :frowning:

With facebook ads will I get the same profitability as with admob? Maybe I’d rather try to fix the problems, but I’m not sure what to check, I’m a bit lost.

Thanks for answering. I keep accepting advice !!

Don’t migrate to Facebook at once. Just put some ads placements (1 or 2 or maybe more) and observe how they are performing for you and then compare those stats with those of admob and then decide.

They limited my ads one week before because of invalid traffic. I believe that the algorithm that they use make this randomly for all admob accounts. I am sure that I comply with their police, I did nothing wrong. I will wait for 2 months but after that I will put facebook ads. Some say facebook ads give more than admob.

I’m trying to solve my issues with Admob, at this moment I prefer to try it, anyone has another solution?

Thanks to all!