Invisiblity Component and Companion Issue

Bug Image

Component Invisbiling Issue
Component Showing Invisible In Properties But Not In Editor
But It Invisibles In Phone (Android 11 Samsung M30s)

Edge Version 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit)

3.Companion Never connects My Internet Is perfect

Turn on eye icon in the left of all components

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Also please change the category to #discuss as it’s not confirmed as a bug…

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I face similar bug in designer, wjen I add label component and if the text is more than 1 line and any component is placed after label then the text overlaps it instead of the component attaching below the last line

I can’t Find The Eye Icon

It’s there near all components

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Use companion.
And it’s not a bug

This App is very big So The companion Doesn’t Work

Sometimes I face the same issue. It maybe due to network problem, so I suggest you to use companion

Give all permissions to companion and use a WiFi network

The companion never connectes because of The app is huge

can i ask why is it so big ??
EDIT: or what is inside to be so huge ?

I know it shows properly in app but in designer it’s a problem

I am not confirm that the app is huge But The companion Never connects with this app

My Network Is Perfect I gave all the permission To The companion

Okay? It is NOT a bug.

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Thank You For Eye Icon

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