Is anything wrong ? ProKoder Eligibility

I found this in my procoder Eligibility section in the account dashboard.

I don’t understand them !!:exploding_head:

Really! Is it that hard to understand? :sweat_smile:
It means how many posts you have read.

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Posts read requirement is higher than the posts read in all time !! What does that mean.

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It might have got shuffled by mistake, maybe.

Very strange number 11,183 posts to read.

The stats on the Procoder Eligibility Board do not match the summary stats in the Community.

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You mean ProKoder, right?

I don’t know what that means either and i dont care i’m just here to read


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Just read 11.183 posts in total, no need to think about that! :smile:

Let’s read the whole community :rofl:


I’m almost there! Maybe not much :sweat_smile: