Is 'canvas save' working now?

Worked in my phone

Oppo Neo7

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Yes, please. I want to see your code.

Thanks for reply and testing aia.
My samsung a31 and android 11 still doesn’t work. :sweat:

It doesn’t work in Samsung Galaxy A10 :frowning:

Screenshot 2021-10-13 184310
This works well!
(this was coded in appinventor but works in kodular as well . You’ll need a notifier and button6 is save button) his code will save everything in canvas as jpg file

Thank you for your suggestion but it still doesn’t work on my phone. :thinking:

Did you click the 5th post of this topic? read?

Did You Read 5th POST ?:point_up:

And :point_down:

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Did you checked external storage?

my guess is, you did not find it? it is stored in the ASD…
use Total Commander, see also



Thanks for reply.

I think it is problem of android version.

I installed same apk.
Samsung (android version 9) : working
Samsung (android version 11) : doesn’t work

I use Total Commander but there is no result (version 11).

Yes. I also used total commander. I think android11 happens this problem, android9 is fine.

Yes, I’ve read it but I am not sure I can understand.
Does it say we should wait?

I’ve checked all the path what the article says.
I can’t find anything on android 11 device.

this is solve or not. bcz i am also facing same issue. on android 10

still same :crying_cat_face:
(android 11)

anyone can here who can help us?

Let me know when a solution is found

I’ve the same problem with canvas save


Any solution to save this to any other directory ?
I need this as a signed user in canvas.

Thank you

Hi All,

I just found a solution…


it’s working with filetools …