Is Facebook Audience Network SDK updated to 6.3 yet?

My also ads no showing. 15 days + ready no earning​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

my problem was also same i am purchase a kodular remove commission for app.but last some days my earning was zero please update our sdk fast

my also myapp ads not show in last many days

anyone can say when kodular update facebook sdk in 6.1

i think kodular was not update sdk in this month its take 1 to 3 month

We’re working on it.
The new SDK breaks a few functions we currently offer. We’re in the process of deprecating the affected blocks.

The upgrade will be made public in the next release (no date as of now)

Source : @Vishwas in Kodular Telegram Group


@Maayurn startapp also not showing interstitial Ads on WIFI network( checked serveral wifi networks ) but on cellular Data working fine ? do you know about this prob?

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Try to add Facebook native ars if possible just a suggestion.


I have Never used startapp ads, if there is issue open a new topic, it’s not relavent in this topic :upside_down_face:

@themaayur okay i am working on the update so after it if ll is not work then i open the new topic

Please can you give me a date till which you can update latest Facebook audience network SDK please.

Its already mentioned that there is no confirm release date

Team has to test for bugs and a lot of issues and when everything will be ready they will release it

no offense but its useless to keep on posting same questions again and again.


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Now if you can’t wait for the update, then posting such statements may give you some satisfaction.


I am removed a commission ads from my app.but last 15 days ads was not coming reason facebook sdk

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I haven’t flagged any of your post. Any other user may find in inappropriate.

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Kodular doesn’t support Android X.

Latest Fb SDK Requires Android X

@mods i have one suggestion
There must be a separate and official topic for facebook sdk
Bcz whenever facebook updates its sdk a lot of new users start creating new topics about it
There should be a separate topic so that everyone can get info from a single topic.


There must be a new badge like kodular spoke person etc that are responsible for delivering news about topics, new updates, and handling such situations.
Just a suggestion.