Is it different page source code for desktop and mobile?

I am getting different source code for YouTube from mobile and destop.

Here is the example.

Can any one tell me how to get the same source code from web component in mobile?

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Which part is different? Why don’t you code your app based on the code of mobile because you won’t make Kodular app for desktop?

You can see from the very beginning…the codes are to totally different.but both the url to get the source code is same…that’s why I need help to understand why this is happening and if anyone can help.

Well, what do you want with this source code? Do you want to crawl data from source?

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I want to get the subscriber count…which I am not getting now.

Then just get data from the source code which is you are viewing on mobile. There is no need to check the desktop version of the source code.

Also, I think you can do this with Youtube API!

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i know its a old topic but if you havent got the answer then try this js code in webview and set the webview url to the channel whom you like to find the subscribers of

document.getElementsByClassName("style-scope ytd-c4-tabbed-header-renderer")[15].innerText;