Is it possible save a page opened in Web View component?

How to save on divice a page oppenned on an web view component? Is it possible?

Maybe this can help

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Or simply set Download url to WebViewer’s current url and save file as html.

How can I do it?

By using download component.


I tried it and doesn’t work.
error: Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URIs: about:blank

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First you have to load URL in web viewer than set download URL to current URL of web viewer.

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Now, hapened nothing

Try this as file name:
/storage/emulated/0/Download + Webviewer.CurrentPageTitle + .html

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It work with other url, but when I use the URL that I need doesn’t work, I’m trying a .aspx page, I don’t know why doesn’t work, this is the URL I am trying:|2|1|1|0FD0E1BAD2B244C714075C29FF67C0C012297E1B

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