Is it possible that Kodular displays the YouTube Subscribe button in the application?

I’m doing a sub4sub project for the YouTube channel, the user can collect coins by subcribe other people’s channels, and with that coin he can promote his channel.

Search on Google for “Youtube Subscribe Button Embed Code”
Load that Embed Code (HTML) in webviewer

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thank you, i will look for it on google.

I found, but was directed to the YouTube page when clicked.
I want that without being directed to the YouTube page.

You have to use Youtube Data API for that
You have to Authenticate user with their account
Though you can use api with web component…
I don’t know how to Authenticate user
I asked this on Community a month ago (March 10)… but my problem has not been solved

Its not possible without redirect because is subscribe is done from api then there is automation method available for increase subscribers via robot

Add Your Webviewer Into A Cardview

Its possible without redirect
I think its not possible with Kodular yet.
Please read Youtube API Documentation

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First its not kodular problem you can use api with post method using web with some changes

I don’t like to do this in that way just like a list of channels and close your eyes and hit subscribe without knowing anything about channel to get points for promoting own channel

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I think he is making an app for his Youtube channel and want place a subscribe button
He may don’t want to redirect user from his app

If you know how to do it with post method
Please share it here…

Read her first post

Yes @ShaikhSajidAli It is illegal to do that
Please share how to do that (Genuine purpose)