Is it possible to implement BitPay?

Hello Team hello developers.
I have a question , is it possible ti implement BitPay as a extension or Component. Because with this we can get payment with bitcoin in our App. There is a sdk for that or so because a friend of me work with a other builder and he implemented this feature in his app. But we need to iinsert that lib.

Let me know what you think about that. I think this will be a nice feature for Kodular as first App Blocki builder to have this possibility to send and get and get payments in Bitcoin in our app.

Didn’t your friend add this to some other Builder?

It’s just more money so I’m unsure.

Eh. That’s why we have links in this world, use a WebView.


Sure, ask it.

Refer to this: It’s just more money so I’m unsure.

I know, what a cool thing. It’s not like this hasn’t been around for a while.

I like making a lot of quotes :joy:

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No my friend work with appery or so and pay 90 dollar each month for building apps. To implement third party service is really easy there you dont need to code. You give the builder the lib file and thats it. And you can work with that. really nice builder but 90 dollar a month or for one project 600 dollar is crazy.
So no he had not implememt this to us.

And for my question about the Preview. This is not the same to work with web view. You know if you use what app and you type in a www. in the text what you send to your friend or group, you see direct under the text label the preview if the hompage. And thats really fast. This would also be nice to have that feature in our chat view also.

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