Is it possible ? to move components programmatically from one arrangement to other

Hello is it possible to move one component like a video player from vertical to the horizontal arrangement from the part of the block (programmatically)?

May be one of the below extensions can help

Hello I checked them but they are just to drag and move (motion) any component but what i want is

On button click if a component is in horizontal arrangement than it will shift to horizontal scroll arrangement so user can scroll it

means from fixed to scrollable

or if there is any solution for enable and disable scroll of any scroll arrangements then it will also work for me

PS: I am aware of screen scrollable property but its not what I need, I need horizontal Scrollability with enable and disable the scroll

If Possible use dynamic components
on click
make a procedure that takes in component id , then scroll with component and then scroll to put in component
copy id and content,
delete id
then remake component in the scroll you want it in.
this works
if yu need blocks, pm me or searc commnuti

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