Is it possible to reduce the number of characters in a text string?

For the app I’m currently working on I have to send text data to airtable. I have noticed that if the text is too long it will fail. Is it possible to reduce the text by, for example, an encrypto or something?

What have you tried yourself? It is always good to show what you have tried.

nothing yet

Encrypting doesn’t necessarily makes a string smaller. What kind of texts are you trying to safe to airtable that makes it fail?

Just a very long text. It is not a (text) file.

And how long is that? Why do you have to put it in an airtable cell in one time. Can you split the text and put it in different cells?

It is possible to split it but that would make it a lot harder for me.

See it as a way to learn new things. Show what you have made so far and still tell how long your text is in characters?

I do not know that exactly. It is certainly more than the maximum (26 characters). If I were to guess, I would think it’s over 80 characters.

I don’t think that 80 characters can be a problem. Show your blocks and a test text else it will not be easy to help you.

Airtable has a cell type with a long text value. You can put a long text.

This happens when I fill it in manually


If text is not being updated while using SpreadSheet component, then you may be using special characters that are not allowed…
To overcome this use Encode and Decode blocks from Web component

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