Is it possible to turn off the grid in blocks editor?

I brought a couple of projects over from AI and the blocks editor still seems to lag compared to AI even after purchasing Kodular premium. I’m not complaining.

What is the link between projects lagging and Kodular Premium?

You might be spamming instead, as it looks like you didn’t search the forum before posting this topic.

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The premium plan did not specify whether purchasing it will decrease the lag of the blocks editor. It is completely normal because different builders have different operating systems. One of my project in Kodular has 2000 blocks working perfectly, but when imported to App Inventor, it lags, vice versa.

To disable the grid in blocks editor, right-click an empty space in the Blocks editor and select “Disable workspace grid”.

I should of read more. I discovered from research in the forum that I need to use Firefox browser. Night and day difference. No lag at all with Firefox.

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