Is my Adsense safe?

Hi, I am using Kodular from last year. Now, I am thinking to publish apps on Google Play. But, before that , I have a few questions…
Is my Adsense account safe? Because as per Google Policy, we can’t show ads using two different Admob id and/or we can’t use different ad networks to apps at a time .

No you can use 2 or more Ad networks in your App. If your account is working properly & you didn’t get any mail from admob related to any invalid activities then Your Adsense is 100℅ safe

@Alapjeet Are you sure?

Try searching “mediation” on Google you will find your answere

@Deepanshu_Arya Don’t understand .

Ya I am sure Dude. I am using adsense since 2 years. And also i used unity ad network with admob. So i am 100% sure…

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Using multiple and network is called mediation, you can read mediation policies of Google AdSense

@Deepanshu_Arya Hi. Thanks. Last question, Can I use two different Admob too??!

Yes you can

@Deepanshu_Arya Are you serious?! :grinning:

Open your AdSense account you can find mediation options there, it means you can

Ok. Thanks dude…

Here is a reference link:

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It does not matters whether how many IDs you are using.
The matter is that you do not have to do something that is illegal.
You can read more about invalid activity or traffic here:

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