Is only 5 mb apk possible?

Good afternoon everyone!! Yesterday I was working on the development of an app and I was grazing the 10 mb but I generated the ship to download my mobile. Today after making the change of a numeric data, I indicated in a notice that exceeded 5 mb and that my apk is 5.85 mb. After removing several images and sounds, I still surpass it and yesterday these images and sounds were. Is this warning something punctual or should I get used to this new size?
With this topic I would like to resume the debate of this limit, I would like to increase it as much as possible, since every time the mobile phones are more powerful and this limitation prevents us from growing to the rhythm of the phones and tablets.
Translated by a translator.
Thank you

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I have already checked that the normal limit returns, 10 mb. Thanks for your work and dedication.