Is that possible to go back to the previous screen with the old horizontal alignment visibility?

I have 7 screen, but i merged 3 screens on first one ( splash screen + home Screen + about screen ) with the visible true and false method. But then i go on second screen and go back to home screen it shows me the splash screen.

Is there any way to get the setting of horizontal alignment set on previous screen after switching back to it ?


use get open screen with start value blocks and in blocks store home screen and in first screen if get start value is home screen then you can show your arrangement


How to store value for arrangement, i tried to do that but didn’t understand how to do it. Can you plesse elaborate. Thanks

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In screen2

In screen1
blocks (1)


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wow, thank you so much this method really works :slightly_smiling_face:
But there is a issue, when i use it with 2 value. first value came correct but with second one i get 2 vertical arrangements on same screen even after i make there visibility false.

Screen 1
Capture 10


Result of second value -
Capture 13.PNG

Please help

Try to download and then check this app.

Capture 14
Even try this. but the Vertical_scroll_arrangement1 is still visible with start value - About

Yeah i tried after creating as APK, Even tried various other blocks, but getting the same result

Is this show home layout

Do like this

If again its not working then delete that layout and create another layout

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Actually its was happening because of the clock, now its working absolutely fine with these blocks -
Capture 15

Thanks a lot for helping me out. i marked your answer as solution. thank you

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Avoid too many screens:

This is not matter with this topic create an another topic for that

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