Is the below method correct to show startapp interstitial ads

Hello there ,
I have implemented startapp ads i my app(published on google plastore).
Difficulty I am facing is that only banners ads are displayed and not the interstitial ads …please help me .
I have added my blocks in this post Screenshot_20210501-004928_Chrome

I never used StartApp, maybe i am wrong, but I think its wrong, for example:
You are loading the ad when the screen initialise (I think this is correct),
But, you are trying to show the ad, when the ad is displayed, this will not work, and if they worked, this will do a loop and probably freeze the application.

Maybe changing the show interstitial ad for when you click a button, or when a event is triggered will work better.


@Bhavesh_Oswal1 According to your blocks It has cleared that you’re using web viewer and let me tell you for your information that the monetization is allowed in such apps that uses web viewer and I couldn’t understand that how your app has got monetization approval may be you have used the web viewer after the monetization approval request
So I will recommend you to please don’t use ads in your app because it uses web viewer or also If any kodular’s staff member saw this, the approval may be removed from your app.

Your issue

And your ad is not showing because you’re using wrong event for showing the ad it must be OnRecieveAd instead of ad displayed
AdDisplayed event occur when your ad is displayed but this event never occurs before you show the ad
So use this block to show ad

Thanks ,
But i havent ask for approval
My app is on playstore

My app do t have approval but it is on playstore so sds are showing

Ohh I understand How you got the approval
But look at your issue solution
Use this block instead of Ad Dispalyed

okay thanks a lot ,
but i am using ads on web viewer so playstore wont remove my app right ???
also then kodular wont interfere

Look at here

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