Is there a way to close a notifier without a user's click?

Hopefully this is a simple question, I was wondering if there was a way to auto close a notifier message without a user’s click?!

My code is below. Please help :slight_smile:



Where is your code?
BTW you can dismiss any notifier with its respective dismiss block

My code is below, I still can’t figure out how to dismiss the “show message dialog notifier”,

Only if that function has dismiss option like custom message dialog.
Some notifier functions will be automatically dismissed when user clicks on a button like choose button dialog.


It will be automatically dismissed when a user clicks on button.

Thanks, I didn’t realize some notifiers could not be dismissed. I found the solution because of your reply.

Thank you very much!

Your welcome.
This one is starting of a great and long journey.


Why don’t you use a Progress or Spinning Progress dialog? They show something is in action and it is possible to dismiss them.

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Sorry but this is not my topic.:sweat_smile:

I know, it is related to @edovadia

So you were suggesting me.
Thanks for your precious suggestion.I will try to use them.

I think you replied to wrong user:joy:
I think you wanted to reply to @edovadia

That is exactly what I did! Thanks :slight_smile:

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