Is there a way to put tabs into a text field?

Hi, all. :sunglasses:

I want to put tabs into a text field. I tried β€œ\t” and \t, but it displays only a space between the quotes or nothing. :unamused:

As always, any help is greatly appreciated. :smile:

What do you exactly mean by :point_down:

Can you provide any example image of the thing you are asking?

Sure thing! :wink:

Screenshot from 2020-10-23 14-32-19

Produces a single space instead of a tab. Result = β€œ1 2 3 4” instead of desired result of β€œ1 2 3[tab]4”. I can’t even use a tab in here to show multiple spaces. :roll_eyes:

For example, in my ListView I want multiple spaces between 3 and 4 so that 4 always lines up no matter how far 3 sticks out. Using an actual tab should do this. Right now, I’m counting the number of characters in my var to line things up.

Thanks for your reply! :smile: