Is there a way to use a audio player with slider to control the duration?

oh wait i am so stupid :man_facepalming:

its not working

Any Error ?

Try in Apk

one second let me show you the recording


Try this path

Device Utilities Component


Tested just now working successfully in Companion & Apk.

Make sure you have uploaded your file to assets & entered correct name in blocks

how did you do this?

Join normally no problem

I used make inline

ok i am trying it now lets see

Uhh small problem my companion isnt getting connected

Use latest version 1.5.2

oh yeah its 1.5.1 lol

this is happeningi reinstalled it still nothing

Download from here

I dont see a download button

Download link is posted at top.


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Never mind this will work? App Center

Oh wait its the same :man_facepalming:

Nope not working

cause of this?