Is there an additional charge in firebase with this type of request?

Hello family I have a question regarding firebase, these days I discovered that I can request requests through url and the kodular web component. Thanks to this method I can filter an amount of data and bring to my app what I only need and thus leave the filtering weight to the database and not to the app.

What I want to know if firebase charges me for using this service, I would like to know if there is a maximum number of requests for the system to charge me or if all this is included in the free plan of firebase obviously with the limitations of free.

I would appreciate if you could answer my question, thank you very much in advance.

You cannot calculate how much data is being sent on every request ecaxtly but you can see the usage amount in kb. If you are having more users and everyday all r using firebase web component that too will affect free plan. However if you are useless less than 5000 i think 1GB will be convenient per month( not exactly, i am not SURE)

Even by using web component too you can filter the data exactly what you want per user. No need to get all data everyone( surely will affect free plan)

Ref here for all the method

Thanks for answering.

But I still have the doubt. What I want to know is whether using the rest api generates an extra value or if I have a maximum number of queries and after that maximum I have to pay or how does the firebase rest api charge?

We cannot predict how much data will be spend for your query. You can set up first and try, then after few min if you visit Real time database , navigate to usage it will give you the data spent by your request. Using api (i mean web comp) and relate the same with firebase block and compare. Then in free plan maximum 100 request can be taken every sec in free plan. So you multiple it then , likewise you can calculate… (approximately only)… if you show what you tried in firebase, we can suggest you limited way to achieve if option is available. To

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