Is there any app made with Kodular Succeed?

My app have morethan 3k download and 900 active user

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FunTools 19.500 downloads / 1071 active user

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My app reached more than 5K+ users with 2K+ active users with 4.7 rating in 4 months.


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My App Is Also Got 500+ Downloads In Less Than 2 Months

Congratulatios :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Hello both of the apps were related to education, and that’s great but I also have an app but was never able to achieve this feat. Can you help me?


Need to work on UI hope for best God help those who help themselves :pray:

So many successful apps here. Congratulations to all the developers.

I hope my game that is on the Play Store can be successful too.

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It was my first app (for my website).Might cross 100k+ in few weeks.
I almost abandoned it for 2 years but now recreated it from scratch while migrating apps from appybuilder.
Update is totally different from what you see on playstore screenshots.


Ok so, here we can promote our apps for free

anyone promoting their apps or just publish on google play store and forget it

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Admob on a webviewer…

One of my app is gaining around 24,000 installs in a month and is live on Google Play.
Don’t ask me its name.

One more of my app gained over 100,000 installs but I had to discontinue it for some reason.

But I am working on something big at present.

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This is old screenshot. When I did this, that time I had no AdSense on my website so I monetized it using AdMob in app. Of course site is mine.

Here is the amount of downloads of all my apps together: 452,754

Here are my four most successful apps (in ascending order):


For the app: Talk to me there was another version (what there is now is the second version) because I lost the keystore of the first version, anyway I finally deleted the first version and it had 412,536 downloads!)


Everyone has many downloads in their apps, except me, I think


Why do you thinking that @rizu just make awesome apps. You will get success too. Best of luck

how did you create the color picker. Its really awesome. Please let me know

Create other topic to get help about it @zainulhassan
Colour Picker with canvas By @Italo
Here see it’s implementation by @Taifun

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