Is there any extension available for Pakistani Wallet like Easypaisa or Jazzcash

I am looking for an extension for Pakistani wallet like EasyPaisa or JazzCash .Is there anyone who has the extension or know how to use payment system without extension. I have given some API links but I don’t know the alternative of Payment gateway extension, please help me.

Jazzcash API:

EasyPaisa API:

already available on this forum

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But this opens up Only UPI applications like GPay or PhonePe which is for India not available in Pakistan.

first watch this post caredfully. this extension is made for easypaisa.


I have watched that and applied on my app and then I got this issue .Most of the people are complaining the same. Have you used this before?

Check This

this is fake extension

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Yes that is why it’s not working,do you have any alternative.

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not working anymore


How to use this on Kodular?

What do u mean

With the link which @Niotron_app has given, you can just compile it with the owner’s permission. As it is posted on GitHub I don’t think you need to ask.



Can you give me this?? Where to get this block

You might want to ask the owner to give the AIX