Is there any way that we can click on any card view that will open alternative

Hello Koders,

Can anyone tell me that is there any alternative to these blocks because I have to give manually numbers but I don’t have to give manually numbers but I have to implement directly??

Do one thing…

Create two global variable , one for cardviews(add all the cardview component orderly using make aa list block) and another one for web urls(same way of cardviews using make a list block) matching with cardview.

So now when any card view clicked, get the index of the card view(using index is in the list)

Set web url to select list item list (web url list) index(obtained in the above process)



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But GSR But I have only 1 URL, not multiple URLs can you please how can we do that for single URL with multiple sheets

Then instead of url just use gid number or sheet name

How can we add gid numbers in this format with multiple sheets??

In the place of sheet you can use gid number too…

Since you practised with sheet name, pls go with name of the sheet

Like this??

No no wrong, I told you in the place of sheet, you need to use gid=

If you use sheet=, put the sheet name

If you use gid=, then out gid number

Like this??

Yes … . , Just try

Let me try…

Regarding usage of gsheet in whatever format, you can always first in created by @TimAi2 . Always you can find solution

Soon going to give detailed guide on gsheet read write (though guide is there in this site, let me give simple form to test in kodular)

Now it will work or not GSR???

I have to do like this or else???

Why won’t you test it and see if it works or not ? It is easier for you than for us to test it

Three cards but nine gid’s are there…

I have suggested based on your topic (after seeing your first blocks) but now you are showing 9gid’s. How will it work? Only first three gid only can be readable.

Pls be clear with your query. Time is very precious. Both side should not be wasted.

I feel so sad now :frowning_face:

:point_right: Also you have not perfectly placed the block see the end, you are taking the whole gid and index too.

:point_right: In the web url too you should not use make a list block, you must use only join block

Ok Now I understand means I have to add nine different url with 9 gid different numbers??
Like that you are telling then I understand

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This just looks like a bad way of doing things, having to make 9 separate calls to the spreadsheet every time you refresh the data. have a think about how you might perform all the queries on the spreadsheet on a separate sheet, then call back that one set of data to display in your cardviews…or have I misunderstood and you will only be making one call?

@Still-learning when I click on card view then it shows this error?

Your blocks are wrong , you are setting url to a list. Why won’t you use Do it to debug your blocks and understand what you are doing instead of just putting blocks that make no sense ?