Is there any way to open direct any specific folder in Kodular?

I want to make if someone click on button 1 of my app then automatic download folder in file manager should open … can someone tell me how to do it?

Hi @Team_UniqueZz Welcome to Kodular Community
Use Download component.

But you can list all files in the Download (sub)folder:

Download folder is exception and you can open it in file explorer.

But there are only 2 items (files):

and I have 19 files in the Download folder as you can see in my block above.

I think it only shows recent downloads.

Yes. This means that only the files that have been downloaded are displayed and NOT all that are in this folder.

Therefore, the Download folder is NOT opened, but its only shown the downloaded files.

I already tried it … I just wrote download Folder as a example but the real folder name will be my app name

Thanks but I open direct folder n Ike Manager