Is there anyone who knows how to do extensions and can help?

I don’t understand how to write code

But extension needs java program mainly

do you understand java coding

No I am not. So that still I didn’t create extension… :wink:

I want to do my dream but I can’t

Thank you for the information

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Before you want to do an extension you should study about:
-what is programming language ?
-what is programming logic ?
-what is algorithm ?
-what is the Kodular ?
-what is a Extension ?



Please state what you want the extension to do and perhaps an extension developer will make one for you.

The link of the website will be written in a textbox and when the run button is pressed, it will run in the background.

Hopefully an extension developer will be able to assist you.

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Web component can do this task.

Still asking the same question. Instead of asking again and again the same think why won’t you open a request in #marketplace and hire a developer

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web component can not do this

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what task do you want with background web?

won’t mind

Even if you write code, it will not be like I said, but with request.

I want to run a link in the background but it’s impossible

I have to go to school have a nice day

you didn’t describe your query.

Let me explain if you can extension

make extension *