Is there anyone who knows how to do extensions and can help?

Is there anyone who knows how to do extensions and can help?

Read here for basic…

You can use YouTube for advanced tutorial

youtubers don’t do what i want

Are you good in java?

i don’t understand java

I don’t understand how to write code

But extension needs java program mainly

do you understand java coding

No I am not. So that still I didn’t create extension… :wink:

I want to do my dream but I can’t

Thank you for the information

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Before you want to do an extension you should study about:
-what is programming language ?
-what is programming logic ?
-what is algorithm ?
-what is the Kodular ?
-what is a Extension ?



Please state what you want the extension to do and perhaps an extension developer will make one for you.

The link of the website will be written in a textbox and when the run button is pressed, it will run in the background.

Hopefully an extension developer will be able to assist you.

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Web component can do this task.

Still asking the same question. Instead of asking again and again the same think why won’t you open a request in #marketplace and hire a developer

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web component can not do this

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what task do you want with background web?

won’t mind

Even if you write code, it will not be like I said, but with request.