Is there only audio player extension that can play audio from link?

Is there audio player that can play audio from link??

There’s an Exo Player component in Kodular that can play audio from link.

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But there is no facility of timer ,nah??

  • Player component and
  • ExoPlayer component and
  • TaifunPlayer extension

can play from URL. But none of them can play sounds for a longer duration in the background (idle, sleep mode, screen off). On some devices the WiFi (Internet connection) is shout down after a few min. You need a Foreground services to prevent the device from Doze.

See also here:


:question: Please explain …

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One step after the other. How about if you first answer my question in this topic.

I knew about exoplayer but whenever i try to make time slider it sucks :frowning:

Have you read my post regarding Doze mode?
I would take care of it first.