Issue with Airtable integration

Hi community!

Our business app includes an integration with Airtable to push some device data from the users.

While everything was working correctly for quite a while, we noticed that over the past week our app is only sending ~10% of the data and we have lost the remaining 90%.

This is a huge issue for us because we can’t move any client process forward without the data.

Could anyone help us with this? Recommend maybe an expert?

Many thanks!

I didn’t read everything I don’t understand Airtable
Maybe help you.
Help! My base is missing data! – Airtable - Support.

Hey Rogerio, thanks for your response. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem is related to the app not sending the data correctly and not Airtable.

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Hi! remember that airtable in its free version can only collect 1200 rows

Possible. You can share your apk or screenshot of your blocks, so we can find out and able to drop some thoughts, i used airtable for almost one year now everything working fine as expected.

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Hi consoleheretohelp,

We would really appreciate it.

Find the apk attached. The issue is that the device data collected by the app is only being send partially to airtable. Actually for only 5-10% of the users that register.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.

HereSimple_Loan_Col_V5_airtable_smsto.apk (7.2 MB)

Hi NDL_Oficial,

Yeah I’m aware. We have the Pro account!