It doesn't allow me to delete screen and it doesn't allow me to export apk

Hey, fellas, I need your help real bad.

The inconvenience is the following, I tried to copy a screen and it produced an error that I don’t know and now I can’t delete the screen I copied with a different name, when I try to enter I get an error message.

It doesn’t allow me to export the Apk due to the same problem. It only allows me to see a preview of the application.

I will index the screenshots of the different errors marked in red.

Please help me…

Save the project and refresh page

I’ve already done that, my friend, and everything is still the same. I’ve even closed the browser and opened everything again, and everything is still the same.

I see you just have just a few blocks. Isn’t it much easier to start your project from scratch?

Why can’t search community.
Export aia and delete screen which you copied and produces error and then import aia

Video help you about doing this

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Thanks to your help I was able to solve my problem, I love knowing that I can count on trained people

I would prefer to find out what was the real cause for the error instead of deleting the screen.

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