It is possible to create a system q create a new page by yourself, with the information provided

hi, i didn’t find any question similar to what i want so let’s go.
I want to make a system that adds new pages.
for example (thinking of a house) a button add rooms, then press it opens a page where you write the name of the room there, the description and a picture of it (ok so far I already did it!), now I would also like that on this page the user was asked, for example, how many lamps he has in this room, after selecting the number of lamps, automatically create another page with the name, the photo description and below a line containing lamp A (and an ON and OFF button).
an example image below.
would it be possible to do something like that?1

You can try using :point_down:

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Use the suggestion posted above.
Do you need another page to inform about the number of lamps?
Use scrollable property or put your Components on a vertical arrangement scroll.

I am seeing the link above and after researching and testing I give feedback.
on the question, “Do you need another page to report the number of bulbs?”.
my idea is to create a system q create this quickly, because different houses have different numbers of rooms and lamps, understand?

Yes, I understand your purpose for your app. What I mentioned is whether there is a need for new pages. You can use tabs. You can create tabs: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, service area, pantry, laundry, gourmet area and within each you include all the details that each one needs.

hi, would there be an example app for me to see how it was done?
I’m starting now and I haven’t been able to do this function yet, it may be with the tabs instead of another page

Search here in the community about dynamic component, how to create any type of layout

There are others

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I looked at the link, and I’m researching the community, I even made a nice one with notes, that you put the name on and you can add a photo including a photo from your cell phone, and then this room is created on the home screen, but then I I don’t know how to continue, because I want something that after creating this room (with a photo) I can click on it and then be redirected to a screen where there is (as the image I put above) a text and next to the ON buttons and OFF

Use one vertical arrangement over the other. You do not need to create multiple screens, but multiple vertical arrangements. When you click, you set visible = false for the current screen and for “next screen” set it to true.
Call this vertical arrangement and within it dynamically create what you want or leave already created (statically)

ok, I did it with arrangements, but I gave up on the idea of ​​the user creating the pages, now how can I synchronize a button with a switch?
so that when the user clicks the button turn on the lamp, action or switch on the control panel that indicates that the lamp is on?

When Button Click , show arrangement X (visible true) and hide the other arrangement (visible false)

this I already did, I followed the pictures of my system below.
I want that when I click on the room and go on, for example, in the other arrangement, the control panel this switch will be ON

This ?


or this ?



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was, I was not putting checked, thanks!
How did you do to put these data below?
SWitched on and Power Consumption, I liked the idea hehe

Label + if condition ( for ON - OFF ) and Label for Power Consumption ( only the text, I did not make calculations. But you can do it.)

Yes, I liked the idea, but how would you count the time the switch was on?

Maybe :

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Solved . Please Check the answer that helped you find the solution. :thumbsup:

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Okay, now I had doubts about how to make this account, which as I understand it is a rule of three, but I will create another topic because then there are those who have the same doubts that I may find easier, thanks

Didn’t you try with the blocks I showed you?