It is possible to create Ribbon on Card View

I Have Wallpaper App i want create Ribbon on Card View on selected image
like this-----:point_down:

please tell me Anyone know About it , How to create Ribbon on Card View
post Aia file To i understand easily

I just want that when is post new wallpaper in my app the Show [NEW WALLPAPER ]on it

Overlap Any Of These Images On The CardView.


it is not easy

U can use canvas I guess not confirmed

I can try to make it

Or maybe extension for it


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@ADDYLIN Solved your doubt

Yes ! please tell me how it work

ok @UnknownBeast

Pls show what u have tried coz community can’t help you if you don’t try yourself.

Waiting for solved aia by someone is not the thing

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Don’t interrelate your topics, keep patience, Community will help u

Import :dove: Floating View: float your component. [FREE] :dove: Extension.

And Use It’s OverlapView Block.

mainComponent Will Be Your CardView
[Make Sure Elevation Of This Main CardView Is Set To 0]

childComponent Will Be Your Ribbon Image

In gravity Set Numbers From 0 To 8.
This Number Will Set Where Your Image Will Overlap On The Main CardView.

In margins Set A List Of 4 Items, Each Item Will Be A Number, From 0 To ∞
This Number List Will Set Margins Between The Main CardView And Overlapped Image, In This Order -

Usage Example :

These Are The 2 Components On Screen -
[Surely You Can Do It With Dynamic Components :slightly_smiling_face:]

  1. Green Card Is The Main Card View

  2. Orange Card Is The Ribbon Image

Blocks -

gravity = 2 = TopRight

Result -


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