ItoO - Background Tasks [special] 🥳

Hmm, maybe there are some differences?
Can you check them?

In essence the same logic, the only difference is that the other project has a few more extensions and the treatment in the response function.
The rest is the same, minimum SDK 8.0 is started right after the start of the APP, equal times, project has 10 screens, screen 1 where the service is started there are only two extensions besides ItoO1, NotificationSyle and CustomListView.
basically this

Thanks, i will check whats wrong.

I tried exact same steps, but it won’t work. May be need more testing… :slight_smile:

Hmm, please message me your Device model name in private

Mi note 8 pro and Samsung…

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Enable Auto-Start permission for MI Note 8 Pro and Disable Battery optimization and white list the app (to be allowed to be run in background)

No Luck, i will wait until if someone from community confirms it works.

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Im actually fixing some bugs, i will message you the fixed version and see if that works

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apparently, the service is not able to access a global variable.
when including a logical block that tries to write values in it the function stops responding.


Hi, you would need to initialize the variables again, because the data will not be saved.

sometimes the SimpleNotification doesn’t appear when the ID is zero so try setting it to 1 or something

You should avoid setting them to 0, mostly when any background service is running.


its not worked for VIVO V21
android version 12 Model V2050
Got below error

it’s not working on the companion, you must build it
and it won’t work after building because you are missing the Web1.Get block

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How to use this extension for background music play dynamicaly ?
Like Your last Background Tasks extension Screenshot added .
What is different between old and new ?
Can we extend the Background Task Time ?

Hmm, all of the questions are answered already.

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Not working for me.


backGroundPlayer.aia (58.7 KB)

Firebase component is not actually meant to be used manually, there are special operations that needs to be done if you use Firebase, (try using Firebase component created by Dynamic Components extension, it would not work, it is the same here).

First you have to Call hidden “DefaultURL” property (which you cannot do directly), then FirebaseURL and at last FirebaseToken. This should be the order.

AppInventor/Kodular generally automatically does this, but isnt really easy doing that manually. I have wrote an autofix in the extension for next update, wait for that.

it will not work using firebase component as it needs to be initialized first, but there’s a firebase addon extension you can use it and it worked fine for me

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