Its possible to create a scanner like qr but whit microsoft recognition component?

I know , the way you take the picture and then upload to microsoft servers , but i want to know if its posible like the companion to wait an specific output to trigger somethin ,

i was wondering a timer and take pictures and getting the output

When qr code scanner got result{ 
 If (result=desired result){
       Do whatever you want
          Prompt dialogue with error 

Something like this:thinking:

Yeah something like that, now take pictures whiteout user interaction and a pause between photos I think to wait response,

sorry, I didn’t understand, try elaborating

sorry, The problem of the image recognition its need to upload a photo and give the url to the component , to then post to microsoft servers , if i wan to create a scanner
First i need , to take pictures whit the camera , whitout the user press the button,


Camera extension to take a picture programmatically without user interaction.
Required permission: android.permission.CAMERA, android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Minimum API Level to use for this extension is API Level 11 (Android 3.0)

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