JAVA or KOTLIN or Kodular

Hello dear Koders!

Nowadays i’m thinking on switch to JAVA or KOTLIN from Kodular.
I have 2 years experiance of JAVA and 6 month from KOTLIN. Also i use block programming for 5~6 years.

KODULAR: faster building but if i dont have connection i cannot continue my work and sometimes i have to wait 2~3 days to download my new APK file.

JAVA + KOTLIN: slower in build but always i can test and code in the IDE

I dont want to work in any company i just want to build my company alone.

What do you guys prefer? What is your advice guys?

Have a nice day guys!

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Flutter is best. If you have knowledge about java then learn dart language it will take 2-3 days. If you have knowledge on kodular, if you know app lifecycle, app components then it will take 2-3 months to learn flutter at stable stage. Why flutter? Flutter is a single code base multi platform app development framework. That was made by google. You can build, Android, ios, desktop, web, chrome extension, mac app etc. It was updating day by day. & another things, flutter job sector are increasing day by day. Feeling blased to be a flutter developer. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
& i am also x kodular developer over 2-3 year. For kodular i can learn flutter soo easy & fast. Thanks to kodular​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Thanks for the advice i’m gonna check it. :star_struck:

I’m in a similar situation. I went to flutter from kodular. Kodular and appinventor branches are fun to code, but the problem is lack of possibility to compile the project using own PC, unstable IDE (so laggy, and problems loading big project) over internet, messy blocode organisation and outdated extensions like firebase. Kodular is just not suitable for large and hard projects.

If u master writing apps using traditional code is much faster than using blocks… Options like hot restart and reload makes big difference + you are not limited by blocks. I was able to reproduce my code from kodular to flutter easily but with much less code volume overally.

If u use java and kotlin u know there’s big difference (optionally) between these two in aspect of writing apps. Kotlin supports jetpack compose toolkit to write UI in declarative manner. It’s the same as flutter. It’s sometimes hard to switch over to declarative UI from imperative. This is the hardest thing to be honest as u need to learn and try different possibilities of state managament. But if u used jetpack compose you are ready to go. Flutter is based on dart, its syntax is a mix of most populars languages. Easy to learn, really.

Flutter also supports android studio so if u used to it go on. Ofc multi-platfrom frameworks have some negatives, like harder native tools implementation. But in flutter u can write your code in java, kotlin, swift etc using platfrom channel methods.


I know java very well and have also worked in very big projects and i was also planning to shift to dart and was learning it using guides, i have shifted to dart about 3 months ago, but still I’m not stable in that language, I’m not saying that you’re wrong my intention is that 2-3 days are very less for that i guess.
Anyways if you learnt it in 2-3 days, then it’s something I can’t even think of and you learnt it, it’s fantastic and nice too

I’m gonna check flutter as soon as my app done on kodular. It will takes max 1 week. So after i’m done i will choose a new way.

I’m rly grateful because of advices. Thanks guys. Have a nice day to everyone. :pray:

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in flutter there was limited use of dart language. & it was simillar to java. almost 90%.

Yes, that’s 100% true but there are many additional things in dart like command runner and many more which take time and patience to work on